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Efficient Monday, Nov 23rd, the Division of Town Planning is working its Main Office and Manhattan Borough Company for a new area in reduce New york: 120 Broadway (between Cedar plank and Maple), about the thirty first floorboards. All land use programs and basic buyer concerns are dealt with only at that new tackle. This place is quickly accessible from a lot of subway traces, using the 4-5 and N-Unces collections owning an entry into the constructing (with the Wall structure Road and Wide Neighborhood stops, respectively).

The newest subscriber target is:
Team of Metropolis Planning
120 Broadway 31st Floorboards
Nyc, New york

Our numbers stay the same, using our key series outstanding. Borough workplaces inside cialis 2.5 mg tablets. the Bronx, Brooklyn, A queen and Staten Island remain in one piece.

Town Planning Commission Review Classes and Community Meetings will stay at 22 Reade Avenue in Spector Hallway.