When the beds are in the stored position, there is a good bit of space. Two comfortable, heavy chairs are set up when the beds are out of the way. The chairs fold down and sit under the bottom bed at night.. If Athens County sees only 100 wells (more are projected), many hundreds of millions of gallons of water will never be drinkable again. Why? Because the 2 plus million gallons of water for each fracturing contains thousands of gallons of necessary chemicals, and the process further contaminates the water with heavy metals and radioactive minerals that leach out of the fractured earth. Since 75 percent of that water comes back out of the ground, it will probably contaminate surface water all over the region.

While Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping the individual positive financial attributes are significant, other attributes are continuing to improve the air quality and providing a small contribution to lower the price of fossil fuels by reducing the demand. Also, typical power generation inefficiencies and the 4 to 10 percent grid transmission losses are not part of the solar model, as the excess power generated by these scattered local systems is likely used by neighbors. Solar now supplies 2 to 4 percent of our local footprint needs..

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The required removal comes as the result of the $1.4 million resurfacing of 8.7 miles of Lee Road 146, from the Auburn City Limits to the junction of Alabama 169. The county received federal funds that will cover 80 percent, $1.1 million, of the resurfacing costs, which has stipulated the removal of right of way obstructions. The highway department cannot begin the project until all of the encroachments are removed..

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